Simple rules of flirting explained

While successful flirting will highly depend on who you are flirting with, there are some basic flirting rules that most people should abide by. If you want to learn about the simple rules of flirting, here is what you should know!

Start Practicing

Generally, it is very rare for someone to be naturally good at flirting. Typically, most people who are experts at flirting would have practiced flirting for a long time. Usually, you can try doing this as well, and you do not even have to find someone you like. You can practice casual flirting with strangers, Fortmyers escorts, etc.

Skip The Pick Up Lines

While it may be tempting to try out a new pick up line on a new person, it would be best to avoid pick up lines at all costs. Even if it sounds clever to you, there is a good chance that the person you tell it to will cringe, whether they are an escort, new friend, etc.

Other than pick up lines being corny, most people will see right through them. Pick up lines will come off as inauthentic and cheesy, which will turn most people off from you. Instead, simply go up to a person and ask them how they are doing since that will get you much farther when you try to open up with a real conversation.

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Keep Healthy Eye Contact

One of the key ways to show a person that you are interested in them is by maintaining healthy eye contact while you speak to them. However, you should be aware to keep healthy eye contact, mostly focusing your eyes into theirs while they talk. You should learn how to occasionally glance away and look at your surroundings to avoid seeming creepy.

Additionally, observing the person you are speaking to can give you the upperhand. You can notice their gestures, the way they speak, their body language, etc. However, it is again important to avoid staring while doing so. 

Learn How To Smile

Even if you say nice things, your face can say a lot about what you feel. If you are not used to showing facial expressions, you need to start practicing now to learn how to show a person you are interested. Generally, this will mean you have to learn how to smile at them.

For instance, you should learn how to have a casual smile on while the person is talking to you. That way, they will know that you are interested in what they have to say and are having a good time, which will encourage them to keep speaking to you.

Listen More

While you may be dying to show off your personality, it is import to learn how to listen. Remember, there are two people in a conversation, and it is important to listen to what they have to say to show them you are interested.

To Conclude

There are tons of ways to flirt with people, but there are a few key rules you should remember. Be sure to apply the rules mentioned above the next time you flirt!